Ergonomic Site Evaluations

Due to an abnormally high incidence of work-related injuries and overuse syndromes, many employees are utilizing our services to perform an ergonomic evaluation.  An ergonomic, or worksite, evaluation is an onsite job analysis of an individual's work duties and the work area he or she performs these activities in.  The evaluation focuses on uncovering risk factors of a person's job and work-site that lead or may lead to musculoskeletal disorders using OSHA (Occupational and Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.  A report is subsequently generated to provide recommendations on how to reduce the individual's exposure to identified risk factors.  The most integral part of the evaluation process is the cooperation between the employer, employee, and our Ergonomic Team to provide the most effective, efficient, and safe working environment for the individual.

This service saves companies thousands of dollars; as identifiable risk factors are eliminated, the potential liabilities are decreased.  In the current litigious society, elimination of injuries is one of the major factors the companies are looking at to save money, decrease negative exposure and curb potential negative publicity.  The initial costs of such evaluations are dwarfed by the potential savings.

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