Fit For Duty Evaluations

Our medical center has partnered with OccuPro, a national leader in research and occupational injury evaluation and uses OccuPro’s advanced software in providing pre-, post-offer, and Fit-for Duty evaluations. 

Generally speaking, a fitness-for-duty exam is a medical examination of an employee to determine whether the employee is physically able to perform the job.  Sometimes, fitness-for-duty exams are required when an employee is ready to return to work after taking time off for a serious illness or injury.  For example, an employee with a serious back or neck injury might have to take a fitness-for-duty exam before coming back to work, to make sure the employee is capable of meeting the physical requirements of the job.  A fitness-for-duty exam might also be required of an employee whose conduct on the job gives the employer reason to believe that the employee is not able to perform the job safely.  For example, if a forklift operator is found unconscious at the controls, the employer could require the employee to get checked out, to make sure the employee doesn't pose a serious safety risk. 

Oftentimes employers want to know whether the employees are ready physically to hold a job position before they are hired, or after they have been offered a position.  Workers have to show their ability and physical endurance to perform jobs such as fireman, police officer, truck driver, foundry worker, etc.  Post-offer and Pre-placement evaluations are an essential part of today’s workplace and are essential in terms of safety of the employee and people around him.

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