Functional Capacity Evaluations

As providers specializing in musculoskeletal injuries, we naturally are equipped to provide evaluations and treatment of injured workers.  Injuries on a job happen every day.  Many workers work with pain, potentially risking further injury and increasing liability of their employers.  These workers need an objective look at their injury.  They require an expert opinion as to their appropriate work status (full duty, light duty or off duty) and treatment options; they also need to know when they can safely return to work.  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) do just that.

FCE is a myriad of different strength, lift, push, pull, reach, grip, pinch and other job-specific tests which can show us what the injured worker can and cannot do and with what intensity and what endurance.  These tests give us an objective picture of the person’s ability to perform work.  It can show us how the injuries limit the person, whether the worker can or cannot return to their job.

FCE’s are ordered for many reasons.  They can be ordered to evaluate a permanent disability.  They are often ordered to ascertain if further rehabilitation is necessary to return the worker back to work.  They are also ordered as a second opinion in contested workers comp case.  We are equipped to provide answers in all cases through the objective testing. 

Our medical center has partnered with OccuPro, a national leader in research and occupational injury evaluation company and uses OccuPro’s advanced software to provide FCE evaluations.
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