Post-Offer Employment Evaluations

Some employers require that before someone is offered a permanent position, he or she undergoes a post-offer medical examination in order to test that person’s physical ability to perform the essential job functions particular to that position.  They have usually already passed the essential background checks, prior employment evaluations and all interviews and are seriously considered for the position offered.  A specific Functional Capacity Evaluation is performed which tests essential job tasks, such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.  A stocker may have to show that he or she is able to safely lift 50lb; a fire fighter may have to show that he can scale ladder carrying heavy equipment; an ambulance technician has to prove that he can lift a stretcher with a 200lb person on it.  Simply put, potential workers have to show their ability and physical endurance to perform jobs such as fireman, police officer, truck driver, foundry worker, etc.  Post-offer and Pre-placement evaluations are an essential part of today’s workplace and are essential in terms of safety of the employee and people around them.
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