Pre-Placement Evaluations

Some employers require that before someone is offered a permanent position, he or she undergoes a pre-placement medical examination.  It essentially is a fitness-for-duty evaluation, and it tests whether a potential employee is physically and mentally able to perform the essential job functions.  A pre-placement evaluation might also be required if the employer has a reason to believe that the potential employee is not able to perform the job safely.  For example, if a forklift operator is found to have a weakness of a hand, the employer could require the potential employee to get it checked out for strength and ability to use the machine controls.  A truck driver may have to have a medical evaluation before he or she is hired to check for sleep apnea, vision, hearing, or inguinal hernias - which all may affect the potential employee’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.  Simply put, potential workers have to show their ability and physical endurance to perform jobs such as fireman, police officer, truck driver, foundry worker, etc.  Post-offer and Pre-placement evaluations are an essential part of today’s workplace and are essential in terms of safety of the employee and people around him.
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