Work Conditioning and Hardening

As patients are rehabilitated after a work injury, they are monitored for improvement in strength, endurance and pain levels.  Especially after a serious injury and a long physical therapy, the human body is deconditioned and unable to return to work in full capacity because of safety issues to the patient and to his or her coworkers.  Work conditioning program is designed to gap the bridge between work-ability and the current physical ability of the injured worker.  This rehabilitation program is planned to restore functional and work capacities through application of graded work simulation.  Included are activities designed to improve overall physical condition, including strength, endurance, and coordination specific to work activity, as well as means for coping with any remaining symptoms from the original problem, such as pain.  Central to all work hardening programs is the reproduction of a work-like environment where tasks are designed to improve the patient's tolerance for productive work.

At Active Care Center we put great effort and focus on testing whether returning workers are able to follow the rigors of their physical work.  Functional Tests are always performed to tell us what area of physical activity is still lacking.  We may choose to focus more on lifting abilities, single hand carrying, or pushing of weights. In fact all these functions are most likely incorporated in this 2-4 hour program, which lasts for 5 days per week for couple of weeks.  Think of this program as your work – just performed in a controlled environment, under physician’s or therapist’s supervision, which gradually gets harder and more difficult.  All this to accustom the body to the regular work schedule you will ultimately return to.

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