Auto Accident Injury

As much as auto manufacturers improve our car safety, they can never eliminate the human error and completely prevent injuries.  Majority of car crashes are minor and may not even necessitate a visit with a doctor.  But even low-speed crashes often result in soft tissue injuries and cause great pain and put burden on the injured, their families, and their employees

At Active Care Center the injured driver can find a dedicated team of providers who will objectively evaluate the injury, make specific recommendations and initiate treatment of the acute injury, if needed.  We have been treating injured drivers since 2002 and over the years have gained an enormous knowledge how to help these victims both physically and emotionally.  Additionally, many of these people are unaware how to file a claim, how to deal with their auto insurance, and what steps to take to get their health back.  We can help them to do just that.

Offers to the injured motorists

  • Comprehensive and objective evaluation of injuries
  • Help with filing claims with auto insurance providers
  • Referral system to medical specialists and diagnostic centers
  • Treatment of acute and chronic auto injuries such as whiplash, back pain, shoulder strains and other
  • Comprehensive management of medical case
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