Workers Comp

Irrelevant of work conditions, place of employment and safety issues at a worksite, injuries at work happen on daily basis.  Companies go to great lengths to limit these injuries; they hire companies to point out safety issues; they install ergonomic work-stations, and put in place safety technicians to control unsafe behavior.  But regardless of all these measures, chronic overuse syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, sprains and strains, falls and fractures will always be a part of work.  These injuries should be immediately reported to the safety managers or shift leaders and be quickly evaluated by a trained physician.

At Active Care Center, we have been treating injured workers since our inception in 2002.  Our team of specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries work daily on restoration of function and work-ability of these workers and strive to return them to full-duty, pain-free.  We do not work for the insurance company; we do not work for the employers.  Our sole focus and commitment is to the injured worker.  In addition to the immediate care aspect, we provide skilled chiropractic, orthopedic and physical therapy services.  We offer work conditioning and hardening so the injured worker can be sure that he or she can safely return to work.  We provide Functional Capacity Evaluations to provide objective evidence that the disabled worker cannot return to his or her work safely and thus can file for disability.  We offer full spectrum of workers compensation services, so that the injured worker can feel safe and secure that his or her interests are an absolute priority.

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